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To reinforce learning, we developed 3 new ways to play and learn:

1. Learn English - English vocabulary is provided at the back of puzzles Level 1 to Level 3 to guide children and expand their language bank

2. Splicing Gameplay - Level 2 puzzles can be combined vertically to form a bigger picture, allowing children to establish connection between seemingly disjoint facets

3. Monochrome Challenge - The illustration on the back of puzzles Level 2 to Level 6 are monochromatic, increasing the level of difficulty, allowing children to hone their cognitive abilities

From Easy To Hard , From 1.5 Years To 7 Years Old
Easy To Keep , Easy To Carry
Portable Packaging Design 

  • Can pull+flip+in 3D
  • Interesting science knowledge explanation
  • Delicate illustrations and rich with details
  • Scenario simulation, boarden your scopes and enrich your cognition

Playing Chess can help kids Develops Logic, Critical Thinking, and Creativity


Learn eletricity thru easier and funnier way




STEP 1: Use the insulation clay to separate the conductive clay and let the electricity pass thru the LED Light

STEP 2: Let the LED light glow to form a loop circuit



STEP 1: Make some shapes, a ball, a disc for the insultation and a spaceship base

STEP 2: Put on some decorations

STEP 3: Install the wire and LED light then it will lit up


Make Your Own Bouncy Ball DIY Kit 

STEP 1: Choose your favourite colour sand and pour into mould. (Mixing sand colours also can)

STEP 2: Use a rubber band to tie the mould, then put it into the water for 2 mins

STEP 3: Take out the mould and put it in the bowl or dry it with a towel for 15mins

STEP 4: After drying it, take it out from the mould {the ball will still be sticky

STEP 5: Add on your favourite deco on it and let dry for 3 mins

LASTLY.....Bounce IT !


Make your Own Slime


STEP 1: According to 8(ml) : 1(g) proportions of water and slime powder, then pour it into the measuring cup (REMEMBER POWDER FIRST)

STEP 2: Use the stick and mix for 10-20 mins until the slime will not stick to hand



STEP 1: In the mould, put some corn starch and use the stick to spread evenly

STEP 2: Put some water into the mould ( Cover the corn starch will do)

STEP 3: Wait for the corn starch to be harden 

STEP 4: Get ready a plate, and pour the "ghost" in it, in case you dirty the environment, the ghost will disappear slowly

Play fun and interesting, little curious explorers, start the journey of mysterious wisdom, the baby starts the little head, finds the key to the mysterious door, opens the door with surprises, develops cognition during exploration, multi-dimensional enlightenment, gains a sense of achievement, building blocks Pair and play, match the shape and put the building blocks into the hut, enrich the color matching, let the baby perceive the color matching during play, and cultivate the baby's color cognition ability
Meeting your baby's comforting needs
Multi-sensory stimulation, let the baby play smarter

Rescue Cheese

- Train baby's logical thinking,hand-eye coordination, life-size color cognition

- suitable for interaction between parents and children



Package:Rainbow Box