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MiDeer Colorful Block Buddies

  • 21 vibrant solid wood bricks and 20 colorful design cards


  • Helps build self-esteem while teaching organizational skills, independence, and positive behavior.
  • Two children can use the chart at the same time, promoting learning and mutual supervision.


  • Encourage good behavior with this wooden magnetic tracking-and-reward chart
  • Discuss with the child what resonsibility means and why it is important. 
  • Share what some of your responsibilities are, then talk about what kinds of behaviors and responsibilities are expected of the child. 
  • Use the magnets provided to talk about specific tasks and behaviors.
  • Personalize the top board by writing the child's name in the space provided. 
  • As goals are reached, allow the child to choose a reward magnet and place it under the day the goal was completed. 
  • Encourage independence by asking the child to check the chart regularly, 
  • Reward and reinforce positive behavior by establishing a special treat when a specified number of goals are accomplished in a given week.

Own your work station. Play the handyman role helping daddy and mommy fix things around the house with tools provided in the set. Help creative skills and imaginary in the set up environment and learn to interact with others. The movements help develop the muscles and strengths.

  • Imagination Training
  • Simulated Barbecue Scenario
  • Action Training
    • String
    • Clip
    • Lift
    • Take
  • 10 + Food Ingredients
  • Double Side Image
    • Raw Food
    • Delicatessen
  • Double Layer Design
    • Upper Layer : Barbecue Food
    • Lower Layer : Storage Design
  • 100 % Wood Material
  • Suitable for 6 Years & above
  • Bring your little doctor on an exciting journey learning about the human body and recognize their body parts. The vivid illustrated visuals will definitely catch your child’s attention, so simply pick a template card, and start building
  • 5 different sets of body parts:
    • The skeleton: 18 pieces of puzzles depicting the various parts of the human skeleton and their names
    • The muscles: 18 pieces of puzzles depicting the various parts of the human muscle groups and their names
    • The organs: 16 piece of puzzles depicting the various organs that exist in the human body
    • The male body: 16 pieces of puzzles depicting the make up of a body of a boy
    • The female body: 16 pieces of puzzles depicting the make up of a body of a girl

2.5mm thickness high quality puzzle.

Puzzle is circular, encourage kids to think out of the box (not your average rectangular puzzle)


This beautifully illustrated unique circular puzzle piece is even more special with a day and night view in one puzzle.

It helps to explains to kids how the day can be spent with fun filled activities while night is a quiet time to rest and there is nothing to be afraid about.

  • Animal Shaped Puzzle – Elephant Dream
  • Plenty of Element Inside 1 Puzzle
    • 30+ Animal
    • 40+ Plant
  • 4 layer Ecology in a puzzle
    • Ground cover
    • Underwater world
    • Shrub layer
    • Arbor layer
  • 280 Pieces Puzzle , Challenge Child’s Concentration
  • 2mm thickness ,Smooth edges without burrs
  • Animal Shaped Puzzle – Dinosaur World
  • 11 Species ,20+ dinosaur
  • 280 Pieces Puzzle , Challenge Child’s Concentration
  • 2mm thickness ,Smooth edges without burrs
  • Puzzle Size : 48 cm * 66 cm
  • Including Reference Picture

*Great for parent and child storytelling.
*Allowing your child to have wonderful imaginations and stimulate creative thinking.
*Help to improve speech, description and sequential thoughts.

  • Tatsuya Miyanishi Series Product
  • Suitable Age : 3 Years & Above
  • Safe Material : No allergic , No stimulation
  • Washable Material
  • Money Concept For Kids
  • Simulated Supermarket Shopping
  • 3 Layer Play Way
    • Cognition – 4 Different Department Store
    • Memory – 32 Item
    • Calculation – Price Calculation
  • Chinese and English bilingual
  • Content
    • Shop Department x 4
    • Manual Book
    • Price Table x 4
    • Shopping List x 4
    • Item Card x 32
    • Coins Card x 38
    • Basket Card x 2
    • Cart Card x 2

The Glitter Boards will give you a chance to fully use your imagination and create your masterpieces!

Photo art 8
Glitter x 6 (6 colors)
Mess prevent tray 1
Peeling stick 1
Brush 1


- Montessori Education

- Enhanced Recognition Color Number

- Easy To Grab

- Big Pieces

- Magnet Design

- No Easy to Fall

  • Word Cognition
  • Animal Cognition
  • Verb Learning
  • Imagination Learning
  • 26 Alphabet Letter With Animal Design
  • Matching A New Word With Kids
  • Big Size Design , Easy to Grab
  • Magnetic Design
  • Suitable Age : 3 Years & Above
  • Packaging Size : 20.5*4.5*9.5 cm

- Guess The Animal

- Family Game

- 48 Cute Animal Card

- Hands Free Design , Worry Free Fun

- Easy To Keep 


- Family Game With Kids
- Logic Training
- 90 Pieces Monster Puzzle
- 1 x Hourglass
- 1 x Guideline Book
- 6 x Game Gold Coin
- Suitable Age : 5 Years & Abov


-Birch plywood.

-Around 8kg.

-It is foldable.


Make your own GEM Frame by using gems and stick it onto the picture given...

  • DIAMOND PAINTING - Create your own diamond art designs! Based on the same concept as mosaics and paint-by-numbers, it's very easy to follow, saves time and effort. 
  • EASY AND FUN DIAMOND ART - Diamond painting made simple! No glue, easy to apply big gems and adorable magical designs make this an easy and fun arts and crafts activity for kids and beginners 
  • 1300 DIAMOND DOT GEMS - Unleash your with colorful, sparkling diamond dots! No glue, no mess! Self adhesive stickers and suncatchers makes applying gems easy, plastic gem tray helps to keep you organized 
  • ARTS AND CRAFTS FOR KIDS - Diamond painting is enjoyable activity, fun crafts you can make with your kids. Build confidence in your child with arts and crafts for girls and boys. Great for hand-eye coordination.

1. For use under adult supervision.

2. Contains some chemicals which present a hazard to health. Read the instruction before use, follow them and keep them for refrences.

3. Do not allow chemicals to come into contact with any part of the body, particularly the mouth and eyes. Keep small children and animals away from experiments.

4. Not suitable for children under 6 years old.

5. Keep this information for future reference.

6. Plaster dust may irritate the eyes, nose and throat. Do not place the material ib the mouth or apply it to body

7. Avoid contact with the eyes and inhalation of dust. In case of eyes contact, flush with water and consult your physician if discomfort persists.