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Word Search game is made up of 32 cards and 1 marker. There are English word and the card theme on the card. By observing, find the words on the card in the alphabet and circle them with a marker, which are conducive to improve the children's concentration, increase the vocabulary and deepen the memory of the words. The card can be used again.

  • Development Child's Right Brain
  • Co-Development with Japan Ed.Inter
  • Develop Logic Thinking,Sense of Space, Sense of directional
  • 2 Type Play Way
  • 74 Question to Play
  • Beech Wood Material
  • This Write-On Wipe-Off card deck features reusable surfaces so kids can easily practice their work, wipe it away, and start again! 
  • Using the included dry-erase marker, children will master upper- and lowercase letters, as well as words and mathematics. 
  • With 26 cards (Mathematics 30 cards) in the box, there's plenty of space for kids to write, which encourages repetition and success.
  • Great for use in classrooms, childcare centers, home, and travel. Perfect for quiet time activities

high quality waterproof

-polymer water absorbing surface layer

-PE film waterproof


Smooth moving the dream factory jigsaw puzzle will move at the same time. Large size puzzle, easy for grasp the kids hand. Build your own factory and then animate the building...

  • Kids Dart Game
  • Front & Back Double Side
  • 3 Diffrent Play Way
  • Free 6 Throwing Ball
  • Darts Size : 42cm * 50 cm
  • Ball Size : 3.5 cm

Observation Contest for the young! This game comes with 32 game cards, an erasable pen and wiping cloth which will challenge the young's brain development and observation ability. Children complete the tasks given through their keen observation and concentration ability, which involves finding identical items, differences, and finding shadows according to different animals' shapes. The game serves to ignite the children's curiosity in learning through different game play!


– Set of pattern blocks and design templates to fill.
– Includes 250 colour shapes
– A classic math manipulative and learning activity
– Great for spatial awareness, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving


-Conical pencil head, drawing more sides of lines
-Thick pen to facilitate baby catching
-Environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic


 -1 Minute DIY painitng frame  (include 3M double-sided foam tape and transfer film and instruction books) 

- Made of imported basswood

-Laser cutting ( not injuring finger) 

- Every piece is unique shaped

-Dual themes : Mermaid / Little Planet 





Teach your children the wonders of our world and where each can be found at with Mideer Magnetic Puzzle - Hello World.

Each puzzle piece is magnetic and can stick to the board or home refrigerator.


There are 40 tasks in the game. The box needs to be moved from "START" to "END". You need to follow the rules of moving and avoid the obstacles. You can make as many moves as you wish, and there are multiple solutions to one task. But the best solution is the one that with the least moves.


Make Your Own Bouncy Ball DIY Kit 

STEP 1: Choose your favourite colour sand and pour into mould. (Mixing sand colours also can)

STEP 2: Use a rubber band to tie the mould, then put it into the water for 2 mins

STEP 3: Take out the mould and put it in the bowl or dry it with a towel for 15mins

STEP 4: After drying it, take it out from the mould {the ball will still be sticky

STEP 5: Add on your favourite deco on it and let dry for 3 mins

LASTLY.....Bounce IT !


Original American design, beautiful pictures filled with naivety, environmentally-friendly paper puzzles. Through games, children can constantly improve their abilities during playing to achieve the effect of edutainment.


Packing list: 1 game board, 4 pieces of chess pieces, 1 Chinese and English manual Color

box size: 32.5 * 31.5 * 4.8cm

Suitable age: 7 years old and above

Number of players: 2-4

Training ability: attention, observation, strategic ability


36 piece puzzle based on the Fairy Tale Little Red Riding Hood. Puzzles encourage fine motor skills. Kids will love to create this puzzle based on the classic Fairy Tale. Recommended for ages 3 years+.