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* Foldable and easy to carry

* Montessori education

  • Familiar with Animal / Ocean Details
  • Broaden Kids Knowledge on Animal / Ocean Details
  • Build up Baby's Kids Patient through this activities
  • Form a picture from multiple pictures

Improve spatial and logical thinking with Merry Train Ride board game.


Nunukids, Nordic Kitchen Toys. Product size: 55 * 30 * 73cm. The height of action table is 46cm. It is made from beech from Eastern Europe. It is packed in wonderful gift boxes and sent to people for their use.

  • Imagination Training
  • Simulated Barbecue Scenario
  • Action Training
    • String
    • Clip
    • Lift
    • Take
  • 10 + Food Ingredients
  • Double Side Image
    • Raw Food
    • Delicatessen
  • Double Layer Design
    • Upper Layer : Barbecue Food
    • Lower Layer : Storage Design
  • 100 % Wood Material

Imaginary role play shopping fun! Let your kids shop til they drop with this kids till!

This scenario and role play toy encourages creative imagination, social and language development. This shopping trolley, makes an excellent accompaniment to other wooden toys.

Made from durable, sustainable wood, this stylish wooden shopping trolley includes 1 big compartments with fabric, and a wooden space underneath. Using natural materials, including replenishable legal quality smooth rubber-wood and an array of techniques from hand screen printing to water staining, these detailed hand-finished toys are unique and loved by little hands.

Kids love playing together with this fun, role play supermarket wooden food trolley till. Encourages your child to learn turn taking skills as well as social and language development. Kids love to play shop!

Decorated with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards. Suitable for both boys and girls.


Special for "car" lover. 5m road tape


1) Size: 17 * 13 * 4.5 cm
2) Weight: 400g
3) Material: Coated paper with advanced ink printing
4) Option: one size
5) Color: as a bell image of random red or black color
6) Packages: PVC bags / paper box
7) Easy to play


Each piece of a large puzzles has a small jigsaw puzzle that can be easily completed to make the baby more A sense of accomplishment.

-Designed for babies, easy to grasp
-Story inside the puzzle
-Puzzle paper is thick, smooth and wearable, not to hurt the hand
-The jigsaw division line is clear
-Exquisite designs for pattern

Suitable for two years+


- 10 Pieces 3D Paper Animal











- Easy to Play

- Follow Dotted Folding

- Dutch import white card

- Suitable Age : 5 Years Old & Above


-Suitable for height 100-115cm (2-4 years old)

-Premium quality carbin steel body

-high quality PU wheel

- adjustable height + widen wheel


About this item 

  • DIAMOND PAINTING - Create your own diamond art designs! Based on the same concept as mosaics and paint-by-numbers, it's very easy to follow, saves time and effort. 
  • EASY AND FUN DIAMOND ART - Diamond painting made simple! No glue, easy to apply big gems and adorable magical designs make this an easy and fun arts and crafts activity for kids and beginners 
  • 1300 DIAMOND DOT GEMS - Unleash your with colorful, sparkling diamond dots! No glue, no mess! Self adhesive stickers and suncatchers makes applying gems easy, plastic gem tray helps to keep you organized 
  • ARTS AND CRAFTS FOR KIDS - Diamond painting is enjoyable activity, fun crafts you can make with your kids. Build confidence in your child with arts and crafts for girls and boys. Great for hand-eye coordination.


A fun mosaic game featuring 10 double sided template cards with 20 designs and 180 pegs in various shapes and vibrant colors. Place one of the templates on the wooden board. Add pegs on the board to complete the funny picture. A great game for color matching and sorting, learning shapes, visual processing and fine motor pincer grasp. Also, a fun game to create their own pictures with their imagination!


Make your Own Slime


STEP 1: According to 8(ml) : 1(g) proportions of water and slime powder, then pour it into the measuring cup (REMEMBER POWDER FIRST)

STEP 2: Use the stick and mix for 10-20 mins until the slime will not stick to hand



STEP 1: In the mould, put some corn starch and use the stick to spread evenly

STEP 2: Put some water into the mould ( Cover the corn starch will do)

STEP 3: Wait for the corn starch to be harden 

STEP 4: Get ready a plate, and pour the "ghost" in it, in case you dirty the environment, the ghost will disappear slowly

  • This Write-On Wipe-Off card deck features reusable surfaces so kids can easily practice their work, wipe it away, and start again! 
  • Using the included dry-erase marker, children will master number. 
  • With 26 cards  in the box, there's plenty of space for kids to write, which encourages repetition and success.
  • Great for use in classrooms, childcare centers, home, and travel. Perfect for quiet time activities

Suitable for 2yrs and above.

With 6 mini puzzles in a box, the fun keeps on going! Inspire baby imagination and concentration. Learn about the different animals commonly found in our own backyard in an interesting and interactive way! Expose your little ones to nature and have them start noticing the beauty around them. Great bonding time!

Puzzles ranges from 3 pieces to 6 pieces. Perfect for progressive play where your little adventurers can move on to the more challenging mini puzzle when they are confident.

Puzzles provide the key opportunity for the child to develop in many areas: – Concentration
– Hand-eye coordination
– Fine motor skills
– Gross motor skills
– Problem solving skills
– Shape recognition
– Strengthen self confidence
– Achieve small goals

  • SECRET FOREST PUZZLE: Children's forest adventure theme puzzle.
  • MAGIC GLASSES: With magical glasses, you can find small animals hidden in the grass.
  • Bright color, vivid image.
  • SIZE AND QUANTITY: 23.6 *15.7 inches & 35 pieces
  • Age appropriate for 3+

- Fine & Smooth Suitable For Adult & Kids

- Great For Line , Shape , Detail and More

- Not Sticky & Lump-Free

- Easy To Clean

- Hard for Kids To Break

- Suitable Age : 3 Years Old

- Weight 240 gram


Best for parties like birthday  party