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- Travel The World Puzzle

- Suitcase Design

- 4 Theme Available

   - Mysterious Asia

   - Classic Europe

   - Modern North America

   - Passion Africa

- French Artist & Illustrator Maud Lienard Design

- Use Puzzle Teach Human Geography

- Learning While Playing

- Puzzle Complete Size : 59 cm * 37 cm


- Suitable Age : 3 Years & Above

- Letter & Word Recognition

- Fun Spelling Game

- 2 Set of A-Z Alphabet , 52 Letters

- 40 Card With 80 Simple Words

- Well Polished , Fine & Smooth

- Card Size : 20.5 cm * 7.5 cm


Careful Poodle is suitable for children and adults. It 's very a suitable challenging game to play together with friends and family members.

  • CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT: Improve children's precise hand-eye coordination in nerve wracking situation.Amazing games for group in party or daily life.
  • BEST GIFT: It's a suspenseful skill and action game, Novelty Gag Robot Toy Prank Toy Practical Jokes family fun game that will keep children giggling and parents shrieking.
  • REALISM: Encounter intimidating snarls and growls in his sleep, and his freighting lunging bark when he’s awake.

Specification : 

- Age Range: > 5 years old
- Material: ABS Plastic
- Battery: Requires 3 x AAA batteries (Not included)
- Size: 17 x 12 x 7.5cm


Blackboard Feature

Easy Installation in everywhere ( Stick & Paste )
Magnet can attach on Blackboard
3 mm thickness for Blackboard
Blackboard Size : 50cm x 64 cm
This Chalkboard Wall Sticker is self-adhesive on most smooth, flat and clean surfaces like plastered walls, painted walls, windows, mirrors, countertops and wooden doors, etc.

You can use it in your kids' room for them to draw and write, create a grocery list or note pad on the refrigerator, make chalkboard labels for containers in your kitchen or create a message board in your bedroom. The possibilities are endless! The board surface is made of iron-based material, and magnetic objects can be attached to it.

Chalks are not included.

Size: 64x50 cm 

Age: 3+


Awesome Science Experiements allowed Kids can do at home. Help to enrich knowledge of your child and improve develop thinking skills. The experiments will arouse children's curiosity, guiding them to ask question and take the initiative to find the answer through exploration.


Crystal Growing make children feel like a real scientist , Witness the growth of beautiful crystals


- Steam Educational Toy

- No Glue & No Buckles

- Fun & Easy To Build Any Stucture You Like

- Develop Spatial Awareness

- Not Smooth , But Burr-Free

- Easy To Tidy Up

- Solid Pine Wood

- Suitable Age : 4 Years Old & Above


Round corners safe to use, suitable for 3 years old and above

  • The little crocodile wanted to take a shower, but when he opened the shower, he found no water coming out. He showed disappointment. After checking, he found that there was a problem with the connection of the water pipe. Can you help the crocodile to reconnect the water pipe?
  • This set will help your little one to improve his/her observation skills, logical analysis and hand-eye coordinations!
  • A great way to spend time with your children while activating his/her thinking skills.
  • Suitable for Age: 3+

Extender provides extra stability, support and antibackward


Stringing wooden blocks helps improve hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and ability to concentrate.

- includes 3 different sizes of wooden blocks for different skill level
- made of water-based paint for baby's safety
- each wooden block is polished with no thorns


- 9 Geometric Shape

- Development Child's Imagination

- 3 Different Level Game Play

- 60 Reference Card

- 157 Pieces Felt Pieces , 26 Different Shape Size

- Suitable Age : 3 Years Old & Above


TOI Tick-tock Clock board game
It includes 6 wonderful gameplay,  guess the time, know the clock, time traveler, time matching, time addition and subtraction and time schedule.
 By helping time travelers find energy gems, matching clocks for plan cards, to help kids understand the time multidimensionally. experience the relationship betwwen time and daily life, urge the kids to establish self-discipline.