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3 Q Training

  • IQ
  • EQ
  • AQ

Cement for My first building

  • Suitable for all ages (3 & up) by one party or in groups a great way to spend quality time with the family and loved ones. Inspires creativity and brain development with 100's of possibilities to create different Structures, Vehicles, etc.
  • Develop Kid's Intelligence. The 3D Puzzle Toys is a perfect early learning educational gift for kids.
  • Safe Material and Design. Mideer Magnetic Tiles are made of ABS plastic with strong magnets, food-grade material, doesn’t have any chemical smell.
  • Round edge design without sharpness, no worry about hurting your kid's hands. Make sure they are safe for kids to play.
  • DIY 3D Magnetic Building Blocks. Educational toys tiles set for boys & girls.
  • Makes an ideal birthday present or gift for kids of any age.
  • Pretend play Wooden Toy Game
  • 14 Medical Equipment
  • Role Play With Kids
  • Beech Wood Material
  • Polish & No Burrs
  • Medical Kit Bag Included
  • Suitable : 18 Month & above
  • Matching Puzzle , Logic Training For Kid
  • 3mm Thickness Per Pieces
  • 3 Theme Available
  • Each Theme 30 Pieces with 10 Groups

TOI Boardgame Sudoku Game Jungle Band Logic Suitable For Age 3+ Baby Gift Baby Toy Kids Toy

Sudoku games, designed for children of all ages, cleverly converting numbers into three themed scenes of tropical fish, animal apartment and three-dimensional parking lot, making it easy for kids to play Sudoku! Double-sided magnetic particles, with advanced card cards, progressive levels of difficulty, so that children's logical thinking ability can be gradually improved. This is a Sudoku game for younger kids, combined with the cute animal apartment theme; through finding the missing small animals in each room. 70 questions, with the increased difficulty form 3 squares to 4 squares, also equipped with reward stickers. It cultivates the kid's logical thinking ability from an early age. The famous music band"the lodges",is coming to the jungle to hold their concert!The animals are so excited,they are having shows one after amother,and the audiences are getting even more! But it really worries the band!How should they arrange the performers with so many concerts?

The Focus Of This Educational Toy:

Observation:Through observing the known patterns,fill in the spaces with suitable patterns to exercise observation and thinking.

Concentration: If you want to fill in the unknown spaces,you must observe the known patterns carefully,which can exercise concentration and memory.

Reactivity:Make notes of playingtime of each try and improve reactivity gradually.

Logicality:The thinking between the known animals and unknown blanks can enlighten logical thinking.

Floor Puzzle:
A total of 30 puzzle pieces,
The thickness of the puzzle is about 3mm, and there are also small puzzles that can be divided into 2, 3, 4, and 5 separate pieces.
The overall size of the puzzle is 94*21cm,
Paper package.

Learn eletricity thru easier and funnier way




STEP 1: Use the insulation clay to separate the conductive clay and let the electricity pass thru the LED Light

STEP 2: Let the LED light glow to form a loop circuit



STEP 1: Make some shapes, a ball, a disc for the insultation and a spaceship base

STEP 2: Put on some decorations

STEP 3: Install the wire and LED light then it will lit up


Product Information
Material: Metal, Plastic
Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.4 x 15.6 cm
Recommended age: 3 years and up
Package: 1 PCS
Certificate: CCC, CE
Rotate the kaleidoscope lens to obtain sorts of different geometric patterns.
Stimulate children's imagination and logical thinking ability.
Each rotation creates a magical, intricate and iridescent mosaic that will dazzle and delight.
Educational and entertaining, fostering creativity, imagination and constant fascination.
Cartoon characters or animals attract babis to play with.
Environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic. 

  • Tatsuya Miyanishi Series Product
  • Suitable Age : 3 Years & Above
  • Safe Material : No allergic , No stimulation
  • Washable Material

*528pcs &500pcs high-level challenging puzzles

*Open and close design box, easy to keep

*Blue card material imported from Germary


Whats Inside:

- Chess Pieces with two sided (32)

- The Animals Chess Pieces with two sided (16)

- Black and White Pieces with two sided (40)

- Dice (1)

 - 4 Game Card double sided

- Instruction Manual (1)

Whats game you can play?

- Five in A Row

- Flip Logic

- International Chess -


- Goose Game

- Flying Game

- Nine Men's Morris

- Snake and Ladders

- The Animals

- Black and White Chess

- Classic Dual Draughts

- Chinese Chess


Improve kids logical thinking, observation skill, number sense through this sudoku game.


Level 1

- There are 12 L-Shapes like the picture shown, each 4 in a color of yellow, orange and purple. Each L has its matching place on the card. Any piece might be turned or flipped over before being put in the grid, The dot in the shape of circle and square on the grid must be placed in the hole of the L-Shapes with a matching color and pattern.


Level 2

- There are 12 L-Shapes like the picture shown, each 3 in a color of red, yellow, blue and green. Each L has its matching place pn the card. Any piece might be turned or flipped over before being put in the grid. The circle, square and sexangle on the grid must be placed in the hole of the L-Shapes with a matching color and shape.


Level 3

- There are 12 L-Shapes like the picture shown, each 4 in a color of red, yellow and blue. Each L has its matching place on the card. Any piece might be turned or flipped over before being put in the grid. When placing them, take the buttons on the board (both shape and color) into consideration.

  • Can pull+flip+in 3D
  • Interesting science knowledge explanation
  • Delicate illustrations and rich with details
  • Scenario simulation, boarden your scopes and enrich your cognition
  • Classic Marble Game
  • 12 Marble  :  3 blue , 3 yellow , 3 green , 3 white
  • Suitable Age : 6 Years Old & Above
  • Weight : 248 Gram
  • Size : 18.7 cm * 17 cm * 2.5 cm