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Advance Level Puzzles
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2.5mm thickness high quality puzzle.

Puzzle is circular, encourage kids to think out of the box (not your average rectangular puzzle)


This beautifully illustrated unique circular puzzle piece is even more special with a day and night view in one puzzle.

It helps to explains to kids how the day can be spent with fun filled activities while night is a quiet time to rest and there is nothing to be afraid about.

  • Animal Shaped Puzzle – Elephant Dream
  • Plenty of Element Inside 1 Puzzle
    • 30+ Animal
    • 40+ Plant
  • 4 layer Ecology in a puzzle
    • Ground cover
    • Underwater world
    • Shrub layer
    • Arbor layer
  • 280 Pieces Puzzle , Challenge Child’s Concentration
  • 2mm thickness ,Smooth edges without burrs
  • Animal Shaped Puzzle – Dinosaur World
  • 11 Species ,20+ dinosaur
  • 280 Pieces Puzzle , Challenge Child’s Concentration
  • 2mm thickness ,Smooth edges without burrs
  • Puzzle Size : 48 cm * 66 cm
  • Including Reference Picture

High Level Challenge

- Increase Child & Parent Interactive

- 1 Based Board + 500 Pieces Puzzle

- Free Glue Powder & Tape

- Suitable Age : 6 Years & above

- Weight : 670 gram

- Puzzle Size : 38 * 53 cm

  • 35 + Animal In Puzzle
  • 150 Pieces Round Shape Puzzle
  • 5 Major Ecological EnvironmentsDesert
  • Forest
  • Ocean
  • Rain Forest
  • Polar
  • 2.5 mm thickness
  • Puzzle Size : 53*53 cm

*528pcs &500pcs high-level challenging puzzles

*Open and close design box, easy to keep

*Blue card material imported from Germary


Original American design, beautiful pictures filled with naivety, environmentally-friendly paper puzzles. Through games, children can constantly improve their abilities during playing to achieve the effect of edutainment.


​​​​​​- 280 Pieces Puzzle ,

Challenge Child's Concentration

- 2mm thickness ,

Smooth edges without burrs

- Puzzle Size : 38.5 cm * 73.5 cm


SAFE MATERIAL - Made of Environmental protection thick cardboard and thick paper material. Raw material is wear and corrosion resistant, not easy to crack, smooth edges without glitches. It’s super safe for you sweetheart.

DISCOVER LOCAL CULTURE - Explore the countries and continents of the world and discover local inhabitants, flora and fauna, animals and landmarks with this giant 100-pieces geography world map jigsaw puzzle. Enhance your kids knowledge in various area.

DEVELOP KIDS MOTOR SKILLS - It can help increase the imagination and coordination of the kid, improve the eye-hand coordination, motor skills, color recognition and promote development of sensory perception. Let you baby get smarter.

EXQUISITE PACKAGE BOX - The design of the suitcase is exquisite, beautiful and portable. Big Storage place, easy to store and it can storage other toys you loved.

PERFECT GIFTS/TOYS - World map jigsaw puzzle is a kind of learning toy for toddler. It is more than just fun and games for kids. It is good for kids Intellectual development. Great for your baby’s birthday gift Christmas gift or prize!